Part 8: Setting up the spring

Animals and insects eat plants or other animals & insects to live. But are you aware that, with a few exceptions, plants do not eat other plants, animals or insects to live?

In general, plants survive by processing the energy they collect from the sun through photosynthesis, the carbon dioxide they get from the air, and the minerals and water they get from the soil.

Plants are organic, that is to say cell is living. Minerals are inorganic, that is, non-living. The water is also lifeless. Carbon dioxide is also lifeless. Therefore, how can a living thing be fed by inanimate beings? There is nothing alive in the environment to feed on! A tomato does not take a bite of a lettuce next to it. From the moment the seed falls on the ground and its roots find a support to hold onto, there are four things that come into its structure. Minerals, water, carbon dioxide and sunlight.  These are all lifeless …

What is a mineral? Calcium, potassium, salt, iron, phosphate etc. Earth, rock …

It is a type of mineral chalk powder that we call calcium. Potassium is the yellow stone below. Carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. What is carbon? coal…

In other words, plants process the familiar chalk powder, iron powder, etc. minerals, water, oxygen-rich coal in the air, energy from the sun, and form their own existence, namely strawberry, banana, tulip, leek, cocoa, pumpkin, watermelon, sunflower. There is nothing else.

In the department where you were a physics professor in 15 minutes, I wrote that the essence of all living and non-living beings is the same building block. I have said that the building block of the cell is atoms, as the rock, the table, that is, the electron, the neutron, the proton, and then constituted of the cousin subatomic particles. So what we call organic is actually inorganic. If only chalk dust, iron, phosphorus, other minerals in the soil + water + carbon in the air + solar energy are entered in a plant until it turns from being a seed to a big tree, It means that it cannot be anything other than chalk dust, iron, phosphorus, other minerals in the soil + water + carbon in the air + solar energy processed, right? So what we eat as strawberries is actually water, minerals in the soil and coal.

The majority of the plant’s content is water, about 70-80%. The rest is 95-98% carbon.  The rest are minerals. So those huge trees, shrubs or strawberries are nothing but carbon and water they capture from the air and process with solar energy. And a little mineral …

Animals and insects eat the plants first and then each other. So when we eat tomatoes, we eat the stone soil and water trapped in a certain format. What we eat is stone, soil actually… But what interests us more is the carbon contained in this format… Plants use energy and process carbon with water and minerals, releasing oxygen. On the contrary, we burn food with oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, water and energy.

When we eat mutton; And what the sheep eats is only grass, herb. Grass and herb are essentially stone soil and water… Therefore, the stone soil and water we eat in our lamb chops are converted into another format.

Animals and insects need more energy due to their nature. They do not have a root from which they can get nutrients from the soil, their ability to photosynthesize, and a stable, settled life. They have to store energy. They need a mainspring as the creatures on the beach have. A plant-eating creature actually exploits the potential energy that the plant holds in its body. The plant retains solar energy by photosynthesis by changing its format with carbon, mineral and water. The grass-eating sheep, which eats grass from morning to evening, provides only the energy it needs with the grass it eats all day. Since it does not have the ability to photosynthesize and has no roots to collect water, it turns the food it has collected from the grass it eats into oil in order to store energy, that is, to set up the spring like the creatures on the beach.  When we eat sheep, we convert the solar energy that the plant stores with the help of water, carbon and minerals into fat and transfer the energy stored by the sheep to our body. Likewise, because we are unable to photosynthesize and we do not have roots where we can access water and minerals, we also use the energy we receive from sheep or plants for our needs, and we store the remaining oil as oil.

As a result, what we accumulate in our butt and belly is only stone soil, water and potential energy … The fat on our belly and butt is our mainspring.

It will be good if I summarize what I have written …

  • Without exception, everything that we perceive as matter in the living and inanimate universe is the transformed state of energy, electron, proton, atom, etc., ultimately,   consists of energy. E=mc2.
  • Plants create their existence by using solar energy to process carbon and minerals, which we can describe as stone soil, with inorganic water, which means lifeless. There is nothing else in it.
  • A mammal species, Homo sapiens and other animals, as well as insects, eating both plants and each other, we convert the potential energy plants attach to rock soil into the energy we need by burning nutrients. We give back to the world the carbon that the plant needs as waste, that is to say stone, soil and water.

In this sense, the building blocks of all living things are stone, soil and water. There are no other entries.

The above discourse, in its current form, seems to confirm that God created man, more precisely, man  from clay, in the holy books, right? After all, we cannot wait for the soil to get bored and be in a conscious movement saying I can create plants first, then create animals, animals eat plants, each other, right? We need a trigger for all of this to begin, and we named it God. God created man in his image and the universe for him. It’s a relatively logical way out.

It may seem impossible to believe, but even if it is not conscious, our world is capable of creating all living things on its own.  Of course not consciously. This is what is already magnificent and difficult to imagine …

In the late 1950s, an experiment known as the Miller-Urey experiment is being carried out in the USA. If all living things consist of stone soil and water, if the world billions of years ago was created in an experimental environment, could at least primitive creatures such as bacteria begin to emerge spontaneously? Thanks to geological findings, we can detect the atmosphere and ambient chemicals of our world billions of years ago through the soil layers. We are talking about a world where the earth’s crust has just cooled,  the volcanic activity is very high and the atmosphere is completely different. Miller and Urey simulate these conditions,  chemicals, lightning, solar energy, and so on, all in a test tube. Although there is not much progress at the beginning, amino acids that we call organic are formed at the end. In other words, the theory called abiogenesis states that inanimate and irregular molecules come together to form ordered and systematic living things.  The state of our world a few billion years ago, with the help of solar energy, made the trigger necessary for the formation of life like God, but unconsciously …

Keep in mind the initial shape like the “+” above and the pattern it creates after 40 million repetitions that I showed in the previous chapters. Now apply the same principle to all living things. Consider that molecules that have entered a certain sequence with abiogenesis formed the first beach creature at the micro level.  However, instead of the wind, it is a creature that is a group of unconscious molecules released in the water that makes living movements by using the energy it receives from the sun or the energy it receives from the hot water at the mouth of a volcano.

Lava emerging from a submerged volcano, the heat it creates, the gases and tens of minerals around… A boiling cauldron and molecules spinning around in the soup. Imagine that the atoms of these minerals are arranged under the influence of temperature. Imagine the connection of molecules with the effect of temperature, or energy, swinging from side to side in the moving water of the soup. Just like creatures on the beach moving in the wind … But at the molecular level. Now repeat this molecular link 40 million times, 40 quadrillion times. Here is a creature that moves on its own.

The theory of evolution I mentioned above has nothing to do with the misunderstood “coincidence” discourse. Creatures are formed every time you set up the ambient conditions and allow sufficient time.

Later, in the process of 4 billion years, we are in an environment where the creature, which is formed layer by layer and which can reproduce itself,  maintain the generation of the creature that can transmit the code of the molecular sequence, that is, the fractal function, that is, where the entity with changes in its DNA creates a new creature.

Molecules that come together immediately can give the image of a living creature, but it may be difficult for complex structures from reproduction to DNA to form in this process. And but it does… Evolutionists have proven that too. However, I do not want to go into this detail, as I will go too far from the topic of this blog. You can also say that the creatures walking on the beach can  tour the beach with this mechanism, but human consciousness cannot be formed. Take your time, the story is not over yet …

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