Part 5c: Are all creaturs just ‘beasts on the beach’?

I would like to elaborate on what I’ve been meaning to say. Let’s assume that under standard conditions human beings live to be a hundred. The embryo starts to proliferate its cells since it is created, meaning when the DNA design is decided. Think of all stages of life of a human being, embryo, pre-birth, post-birth, infancy, childhood, teenager, youth, middle age and old age.

Now remember the fractal design above made from a simple triangle. If the repetition of a triangle can create the amazing structure of a snowflake, imagine what something like DNA can do with its comples structure of 300 thousand genes. We live in a fractal function from birth till death. Compare the newborn homo sapiens to an elderly homo sapiens physically, or another any living.

There is only one command in the body of an embryo and this command will keep repeating itself until it dies. Reproduce according to the function. Reiterate yourself, grow the design. The organs of a newborn are aggressive, productive, energetic. They have no limitations—gravity, intrauterine fluids, chemicals, oxygen—they keep creating the pattern non-stop. The design changes and grows as the external factors change and as that happens new organs form and our physiology is established—until it reaches its limit.

The anatomy of a 5-year-old has the capacity for the organs with the size and shape that his 5-year-old musculoskeletal system and connective tissue can support, his liver, heart and other organs all possess the appropriate dimensions and nothing in excess for the body does not allow that sort of space or other parameters. And the organs with their given sizes are sufficient to support the physiology of a child of that age and size. Yet as the chld grows taller and older, the organs too keep growing correspondingly due to the availability of new space within the viscera.

When gravity does not allow the body to elongate, the pattern cannot provide the necessary reproduction for elongation, that is, reproduction. Organs cannot grow either. The cells that are not renewed, the body that does not grow, age and eventually die.

We see trees being pruned in the late winter. Almost all branches except the main stem are cut. This process extends the life of the tree as well as strengthens the branches. New branches come out stronger. Since the DNA pattern of trees is simpler and easier to repeat than the DNA pattern of human or mammalian creatures, the cells repeat the pattern and grow again, the branches forming the flowers. Since the cells in the new branches also renew themselves, the life of the body extends. When the tree is not pruned, it does not feel the need to renew itself because it has already reached its natural limits. When the non-renewed branches end their life after a few years, they dry up and die.  As the environmental factors limiting the growth of the tree disappear as a result of pruning, after the winter when it enters the stand-by period, the spring comes, sunlight becomes more abundant and effective, and ambient temperature becomes more favorable, creating an environment where cells can regenerate and grow. In this way, it renews every element except the roots and the main body. Its lifespan will naturally be as long as its roots and main trunk can handle it. Since there is not much done about the roots, the plant survives as much as the roots can spread and feed, and the branches become thicker.

When Nozawa puts the roots of tomato seedlings in water instead of soil, it also removes the limiter of the roots. The second element, against gravity, suspends the whole plant instead of pruning the branches, removing the constraining load of gravity. When the minerals required for photosynthesis are provided at the right rate and at all times, there is no obstacle to the growth of tomato seedlings. The DNA fractal pattern repeats itself to its new limits, continues to grow. 

Nozawa’s tomatoes are a very good example to show how important environmental factors are for the development of living things. All the plant does is repeat the fractal pattern until new limiters emerge.

Unfortunately, since the Homo sapiens DNA pattern is not such a simple structure, it is not possible to prolong the life of people by cutting and pruning their arms, legs, but if we compare the example above, the human height increases  or lives a healthier life due to factors such as proper nutrition, taking the right minerals. we know.

In fact, when the arm is cut, a new one does not come out, but our hair, hair and nails are constantly growing. Our hair, hair and nails are not as complex as arms. Therefore, it continues to multiply. Until the limit of a natural limiter. Are you aware that ears get bigger as you get older?

I am aware that what I am talking about is difficult to imagine. Again, look at the complex shape of 40 million repetitions of even a simple plus sign.

and consider the variation a model of 300,000 genes like human DNA can create in a 3-dimensional environment.

It may confuse you a bit, but this mechanism can be a simple function like a sunflower, or it can be very fragile, like the butterfly’s function, far beyond human imagination. A fractal pattern that goes from larva to worm, cocoon to butterfly, from format to form.

Similar breakdown  applies to snakes, lizards or lobsters that change their skin or shell.

According to the fractal function, that is DNA, living is a mechanism that consists of reproducing itself without getting tired or resting …

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